You Can Start Capturing Monsters At Level 15 That Is When You Can Buy A Net From Pokari, You Can Only 'Capture Monsters That Have This Sign

Capture Sign

Capture Sign


The Monster Must Be Your Level Or Under For You To Capture It, Double Click the Net Once The Monster Is Weakened, There Must Be Space In Your Bag In Order To Capture It, Once You Have Captured It You Will Find It As A Egg In Your Bag

  1. Be level 15.
  2. Buy some nets.
  3. Find a monster you want as a pet that is your level or under.
  4. Weakened the monster.
  5. Double click the net to use it, if the monster doesnt allow you to capture it the first try just keep trying.
  6. Look in ur bag and your new pet will be there.

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