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Date Lv 10 Lv 30 Lv 50 Lv 80
1 Reduces sprint's cooldown by 10 seconds (Passive Skill) Frolic Immobilize target for 3 seconds Dumbfound Caster's HP is reduced by 50% but all attacks for the next 10 seconds will Critstrike Do or Die Curses target: Your target is silenced. Lasts for 5 seconds Heaven Silence
2 File:Red Phoenix.JPG Red Phoenix File:Brainstorm.jpg Brainstorm File:Invigorate.jpg Invigorate File:Broken Wings.JPG Broken Wings
3 File:Spiritualfulfillment.jpg Spiritual Fulfillment File:Masteryofpain.jpg Mastery Of Pain File:Biteofthebasilisk.jpg Bite Of The Basilisk File:Dash.JPG Dash
4 File:Overrule.jpg Overrule Picktheflowers Pick the Flowers File:Seaspirit.jpg Sea Spirit File:Heaven Declaration.JPG Heaven Declaration
5 File:Skippytrot.jpg Skippy Trot File:Retribution.jpg Retribution File:Endofdays.jpg End of Days File:Landslide.JPG Landslide
6 File:Masteryofpain.jpg Mastery Of Pain File:Dumbfound.jpg Dumbfound File:Stupify.jpg Stupify File:Erda Sacrifice.JPG Erda Sacrifice
7 File:Morpheusembrace.jpg Morpheus Embrace File:Footsie.jpg Footsie File:Cryogenesis.jpgCryogenesis File:Landslide.JPG Landslide
8 Picktheflowers Pick the Flowers File:Red Phoenix.JPG Red Phoenix File:Justdessert.jpg Just Dessert File:Widu Rush.JPG Widu Rush
9 File:Greenthumb.jpg Green_Thumb File:Dumbfound.jpg Dumbfound File:Seaspirit.jpg Sea Spirit File:Inferno.JPG Inferno
10 File:Footsie.jpg Footsie File:Vigilance.jpg Vigilance File:Quagmire.jpg Quagmire File:Holy Touch.JPG Holy Touch
11 File:Darkritual.jpg Dark Ritual File:Spiritualfulfillment.jpg Spiritual Fulfillment File:Ripples.jpg Ripples File:Rise Up.JPG Rise Up:
12 File:Masteryofpain.jpg Mastery Of Pain File:Steadfast.jpg Steadfast File:Ooraward.jpg Oora Ward File:Confront.JPG Confront
13 File:Spiritualfulfillment.jpg Spiritual Fulfillment File:Darkritual.jpg Dark Ritual File:Smog.jpg Smog File:Fusion.JPG Fusion
14 File:Spiritualfulfillment.jpg Spiritual Fulfillment File:White Tiger.JPG White Tiger File:Nimblenature.jpg Nimble Nature File:Life Rewind.JPG Life Rewind
15 File:Overrule.jpg Overrule File:Dirtytrick.jpg Dirty Trick File:Enshrine.jpg Enshrine File:Pyra Rush.JPG Pyra Rush
16 File:White Tiger.JPG White Tiger File:Spiritualfulfillment.jpg Spiritual Fulfillment File:Cockatriceshriek.jpg Cockatrice Shriek File:Erda Drain.JPG Erda Drain
17 File:Artfuldodger.jpg Artful_Dodger File:Steadfast.jpg Steadfast File:Blowup.jpg Blow_Up File:Evade.JPG Evade
18 Picktheflowers Pick the Flowers File:Refreshingrenewal.jpg Refreshing Renewal File:Ennervate.jpg Enervate File:Longevity.JPG Longevity
19 File:Solarflare.jpg Solar Flare File:Dirtytrick.jpg Dirty Trick File:Irreplaceable.JPG Irreplaceable File:Torrent.JPG Torrent
20 File:Steadfast.jpg Steadfast File:Wildatheart.jpg Wild At Heart File:Ripples.jpg Ripples File:Evil Declaration.JPG Evil Declaration
21 File:Solarflare.jpg Solar Flare File:Watchfuleye.jpg Watchful Eye File:Fountainhead.jpg Fountainhead File:Erda Drain.JPG Erda Drain
22 File:Greenthumb.jpg Green_Thumb File:Red Phoenix.JPG Red Phoenix File:Manavoid.jpg Mana Void File:Torrent.JPG Torrent
23 File:Solarflare.jpg Solar Flare File:Darkritual.jpg Dark Ritual File:Ooraward.jpg Oora Ward File:Forbidden Sphere.JPG Forbidden Sphere
24 File:Watchfuleye.jpg Watchful Eye File:White Tiger.JPG White Tiger File:Justdessert.jpg Just Dessert File:Pyra Rush.JPG Pyra Rush
25 File:Retribution.jpg Retribution File:Seatofsoil.jpg Seat Of Soil File:Extinguish.jpg Extinguish File:Battlefield.JPG Battlefield
26 File:Goldenage.jpg Golden_Age File:Green Dragon.JPG Green Dragon File:Nimblenature.jpg Nimble Nature File:Breed.JPG Breed
27 File:Frolic.jpg Frolic File:Goldenkirin.jpg Golden Kirin File:Ennervate.jpg Enervate File:Unda Sacrifice.JPG Unda Sacrifice
28 File:White Tiger.JPG White Tiger File:Watchfuleye.jpg Watchful Eye File:Nourish.jpg Nourish File:Oora Drain.JPG Oora Drain
29 File:Morpheusembrace.jpg Morpheus Embrace File:Hermeticwinds.jpg Hermetic Winds File:Epidemic.jpg Epidemic File:Pyra Drain.JPG Pyra Drain
30 File:Green Dragon.JPG Green Dragon File:Spiritualfulfillment.jpg Spiritual Fulfillment File:Belligerance.jpg Belligerence File:Erda Rush.JPG Erda Rush
31 File:Quickness.jpg Quickness Picktheflowers Pick the Flowers File:Erdaamulet.jpg Erda Amulet File:Battlefield.JPG Battlefield

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